2010 Edition

Slavery, the Holocaust and the Challenge of Global Justice

“Slavery, the Holocaust and the Challenge of Global Justice” is a pioneering course in the social sciences and the humanities. The events of slavery and the holocaust illuminate the geopolitical sources of decolonial thinking in the Global South and critical thought in the Global North. The course builds a dialogue between these currents of thought, in order to address pressing issues of global justice. The program and its faculty bring together notions such as disposable life from decolonial thinking and bare life from critical thought. The discussion will benefit from the local history of Middelburg, a city that was central in the Dutch history of Slavery and that suffered great destruction during the ‘Second World War’. 
In addition, there will be a workshop “Building Dialogues Between North-South and West-East” open to all participants from 7-9 July 2010.