BE.BOP 2018

"Coalitions Facing White Innocence"

Curated by Alanna Lockward / Walter Mignolo, Advisor
Rectilinear collage in orange, blue, gray and black with two figures; on the left is a woman with dark skin and braids that reach her chin while on tright is a person with dreadlocs of similar length in a suit jacket.

The fifth edition of BE.BOP 2018. BLACK EUROPE BODY POLITICS. COALITIONS FACING WHITE INNOCENCE tackles once again central questions on Black European citizenship within global affairs. By incorporating a variety of disciplines and approaches  – art, science, film, performance, activism – BE.BOP directly confronts colonial legacies and continuities with artistic strategies that enable the retelling of such violent histories. Grounded in the contributions of Decolonial Aesthetics, this year’s edition takes up the concept of “White Innocence”, coined by influential Caribbean Diaspora thinker Gloria Wekker in order to make visible the continuing inequalities caused by colonial modernity. Coloniality means that these unequal power relations continue to have immense effects on current epistemologies and white supremacist notions on humanity and citizenship.

During the performances and panel discussions, different initiatives from Europe, the African continent and its diasporas, as well as from the Pacific region present options to delinking from coloniality. As BE.BOP founder Alanna Lockward states in her introduction to this year’s catalog: “If there is one word that takes a while to refer to in a negative way, it is ‘modern’.” BE.BOP’s 2018 program reflects that terms, like “modernity”, “modernization”, or “civilization” and “development” must be acknowledged as an epistemic trap of White Innocence. For centuries, these concepts have accumulated undeserved legitimacy at the expense of the colonial and imperial wounds they have inflicted.

BE.BOP 2018 chooses to take the ancestor’s valiant and restless drive to re-exist in joyful celebration. BE.BOP aims at contributing to possible alliances and coalitions between so called ‘minorities’ while simultaneously promoting the critical self-reflection of educators, public institutions and cultural agents.

BE.BOP 2018 takes place in two cities, Berlin and London. Berlin’s Maxim Gorki theatre and ifa-Gallery will host performances, lectures and panels  from June 4-7. In London BE.BOP will be hosted by ABP Autograph and Tate Britain from June 11-13. For more information on dates, venues and programming, please visit following website:

Gurminder K. Bhambra + Manuela Boatcă + Black Diaspora & Germany + Eva Boesenberg +  Lesley–Ann Brown + Phoebe Boswell + Tania Cañas + Jeannette Ehlers + Chandra Frank + Quinsy Gario + Miguel Gómez + Sasha Huber + Malcolm Momodou Jallow + Camara Joof + Patricia Kaersenhout + Nazila Kivi + Napuli Langa + Madeline McGrady  + Sophie Maríñez + Tatiana Mejía + Joiri Minaya + Mette Moestrup + Tracey Moffatt + Patrice Naiambana + Tanja Ostojić + Bhavisha Panchia + Elena Quintarelli + Julia Roth + Olivia U.Rutazibwa + Mark Sealy + Ulrike Schmieder + Alya Sebti + Robbie Shilliam + Sumugan Sivanesan + Bonaventure Soh Ndikung + Ovidiu Tichindeleanu + Rolando Vázquez + Catherine Walsh + Gloria Wekker

Be.Bop 2018 Black Europe Body Politics. COALITIONS FACING WHITE INNOCENCE is a project of Art Labour Archives in cooperation with Studio Я / Maxim Gorki Theater and Autograph ABP  curated by Alanna Lockward. Supported by Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb and ifa-Galerie Berlin (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) with friendly support by Danish Arts Foundation, Savvy Contemporary,  American Studies Program – Humboldt University Berlin, London College of Communication: University of the Arts London, King’s College London and Tate Britain.