Conversations and Debates

Decoloniality: Interview with Dr. Walter D. Mignolo & Patrice Naiambana (2011)

Filmed entirely in Middelburg, Netherlands, this interview explores the dynamic concepts and pluriversal themes associated with the concept of Decoloniality, in an attempt to fully understand this very important analysis of Western Civilization. Dr. Walter Mignolo, of Duke University, shares his personal history and the deep meanings and applications from decolonial thought. Voice Lending is brought in as an intersecting idea, which draws on decoloniality's social advocacy roots. With a special appearance from Sierra Leonese Performing Artist Patrice Naiambana, a decolonial practitioner, this film brings viewers into the cafe to ask poignant questions in an attempt to familiarize new readers and viewers to decolonial history, terms, and ways in which all of us can make practical applications that will lead to less dehumanization and more decolonial options. 2011.

De-linking across Indigeneity 

To mark the occasion of renowned philosopher and semiotician Walter Mignolo's visit to Aotearoa, Te Tuhi presented 'De-linking across Indigeneity', a conversation between Mignolo and Linda Tuhiwai Smith. Mignolo’s research and teaching have been devoted, in the past 30 years, to understanding and unravelling the historical foundation of the modern/colonial world system and imaginary since 1500. Smith is a leading authority on indigenous education and health, and her book Decolonising Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples has been an international best-seller since its publication in 1998. This conversation provides a platform for the analysis of imparative notions of autonomy, indigenous epistemology and geo-body-politics of knowing and sensing as foundational in decolonial thinking. This event was supported by The University of Auckland Hood Fellowship and Art History in the School of Humanities, Faculty of Arts.

Eurocentrismo, colonialidad y museos

Rita Segato y Walter Mignolo, mod. Américo Castilla Si el museo tradicional tuvo un rol en afianzar y difundir el sistema eurocéntrico y sus interpretaciones pretendidamente “universales”, ¿puede entonces el museo actual asumir la promoción de otros modos de ver que contribuyan a nuevas formas de convivir? En esta sesión, Rita Segato y Walter Mignolo conversan con Américo Castilla acerca de sus vivencias personales y sus reflexiones actuales en torno a la colonialidad y los museos. Una invitación a una charla personal entre dos referentes del pensamiento decolonial y sus visiones de cambio para los museos en una nueva era.

The Concept of Decoloniality

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