Eurocentrism, Coloniality, and Museums/Eurocentrismo, colonialidad y museos

June 15, 2021 @ 12:00PM

Speaker: Walter D. Mignolo

Professor Walter Mignolo spoke by invitation of Fundación TyPA, Theoria y Practica de las Artes as a central figure in Latin American decolonial thought and founding member of its Modernity/Coloniality Group. TyPA's new online program examining the role museums play in this time of ongoing change is designed to help viewers understand the transformations they observe. Course Series 1, "The Museum Bares Its Coloniality," is offered as a set of open talks (charlas abiertas) to discuss and promote alternative lines of action to transform the museum into an institution both critical of itself and of the logics that reproduce taxonomies caged apart from new interpretations. Speakers in the series and moderator Américo Castilla investigate the different spaces where the colonial matrix is reproduced, from the exhibition rooms and selection and arrangement of objects to the wording of their descriptions and suggested visitor paths to view them. 

Video of Spanish-language talk available on YouTube.