Seminar: Decolonial Aesthesis - Conversation with Walter Mignolo, PhD

Thursday, May 23, 2019
Universität Basel, Switzerland

In one of his programmatic texts Delinking. The rhetoric of modernity, the logic of coloniality and the grammar of de-coloniality (Cultural Studies, 21:2, 2007) Walter Mignolo explained some of the key ideas developed in a project that began at Duke University in the late 1990s. Critical to this work has been to highlight how modernity was naturalised as a universal global process, which conceals its inherent ‘darker side’, namely the constant reproduction of coloniality. Drawing on the writings of Franz Fanon, Mignolo and others postulate that in order to uncover the perverse logic underlying the philosophical conundrum of modernity/coloniality and the political and economic structure of imperialism/colonialism, one needs to consider how to decolonize the ‘mind’ and the ‘imaginary’ – that is, knowledge and being.

Walter Mignolo will join us in May 2019 for several days in a block seminar.