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Organised as part of the launch of the international and multidisciplinary scientific journal Global Africa, the international colloquium aims to encourage exchanges and debates on the stakes of pan-African research in the face of global challenges and its international outreach capabilities.

Organised by the Gaston Berger University (UGB) -Saint-Louis, Senegal- and the Institute of Research for Development (IRD), in partnership with the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa(Codesria) in the framework of Global Africa (UGBIRDLASDELUIR) and supported by the French Agency for Development (AFD), the conference will offer:

– Exchanges and debates on the epistemological stakes, the conditions of practice, the political economy, the social legitimacy and the capacities of influence of pan-African research in the face of global challenges.

– Plenary lectures and panels, featuring high-level experts, who will analyse how the human and social sciences, in an interdisciplinary approach, can enable critical thinking about the continent and its different trajectories – social, political, environmental, cultural, economic or scientific – in the context of globalisation.

Conference programme

Registration to the conference (open until 15 February 2022)