Submission Requirements for Worlds & Knowledges Otherwise (WKO)

Each WKO dossier is a collection of diverse but interrelated articles on a carefully chosen topic, along with solicited commentaries upon those articles, put together and coordinated by one or two individuals in discussion with and under the guidance of the editorial collective. In other words, WKO is not a web journal but a web dossier.

There will be three or four articles in each dossier, either specifically written for WKO or previously published elsewhere. It is our essential vision to include articles and commentaries written from or about different locations in the world and from as many different disciplinary formations or social practices as possible (e.g., by journalists, leaders of social movements, activists, artists, video makers, persons with techno-social experiences). Accordingly, articles originally written in languages other than English are encouraged, translations to be arranged by the coordinator(s) of the dossier.

Given the distinctive features of this new format for communication and dissemination of ideas as they’re being developed — specifically, as reflected by the concept of a dossier in contrast to the existing mainstream academic journal format — we are not in a position to consider individual article submissions. However, we encourage proposals for specific dossiers. A proposal should include:

  • a statement of purpose by the coordinator(s) of the proposed dossier;
  • copies of previously published articles, and translation summaries in English when necessary, along with abstracts for articles not yet written in full; and
  • names, locations, and professional profiles of the coordinator(s), authors, and commentators.
  • Full manuscripts of articles and commentaries (in original language and translation in English) will be requested upon approval of a dossier for publication.

For more information, please contact