Decoloniality, Coloniality, and Mobility: A Conversation with Professor Walter Mignolo

Thursday 4 March 2021 @ 12:30PM

Speaker: Walter D. Mignolo

Queen Mary University of London, Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences and School of Politics and International Relations Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholars Benedetta Zocchi and Manuela da Rosa Jorge speak with Professor Walter Mignolo about decolonial thinking, coloniality and mobility in an online talk. Beginning with his own encounter with decoloniality, Professor Mignolo's talk moves on to connect the potential of decolonial thinking to address questions of human mobility, concerning both historical foundations and the ways in which they play out in the contemporary world. Reflecting on a number of concepts that participate in the challenge of being and acting decolonially, including border-thinking, re-existence, de-linking and un-learning, Walter Mignolo takes us on a fascinating journey that mixes his personal experiences as a migrant, his intellectual growth as a critical thinker, and his search and research within the decolonial option.

Mobile People is a Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholarship interdisciplinary program examining mobility as a way of life across themes and institutions including boundaries, generations, environment, health, identities, and language. Utilizing mixtures of methods crossing conventional disciplinary boundaries between the humanities and the social sciences, combining established techniques of survey and interview as well as archival, auto-ethnographic, narrative and performative methods, this research works to identify, express, and analyze mobile lives and what they produce, as well as the traces that mobile people leave behind.